All Titles have ">" in the beginning and all tags are now categories

I am in the process of migrating from Blogger to Wordpress. I am currently still working on a local host. I just completed the import of posts and comments form Blogger to Wordpress.

The issue now is that all of the post titles have the symbol > in the beginning. Another issue is that during the import, Wordpress turned all of the labels/tags from the Blogger posts and turned each of them into categories (100s of them).

Did i do anything wrong? Is there a quick fix or do I have to edit all post titles one by one? Is there a tool i can use to convert the newly created categories by Wordpress into tags?

Hello a2dahz,
There are some issues with WordPress default importer on localhost installation, it always giving a “>” sign in the title and content.
We have developed our own importer tool, which will import all the posts from blogger to WordPress, for that you need to hire us.
OR you need to manually edit all the posts and remove that symbol.
For Labels/tags to Categories conversion, Wordpress providing us one tool, which you can find inside dashboard (Tool->import).


Thank you Nitun