All Blogger post redirect to the home page

I have completed several redirects in the past and all worked just perfectly, but although I have followed all of the same procedures on this redirect - all of the blogger posts are redirecting to the new home page only. (I host with GoDaddy for this one, as with all the others.)

This is the blogger -

And the new site is

When I had the verify link come up, I didn't get a post link, I only got this: Test Case

Clicking this link » Should redirect to »

So the link it picked to verify was the home page, and it should have linked to a choc biscuit post? But it doesn't - clicking the link takes me to the home page.

All of the blogspot links I check all go to the home page even though the corresponding links are there on the new site and all appear to have the correct permalinks.

Can you help me with what has gone wrong?


I tried the importing again and brought all the posts over from Blogger, everything went OK, then attempted the redirect again. Still the same problem. All posts direct to home page. The plugin is active at all times.

I've been looking through the forum and looking for the custom meta field for the imported posts. I don't see the examples posted in the forum in the imported posts for this site. The only custom field I seem to have relating to blogger is, for example :

blogger_7108b1f9424ee3d516c1f0620192cd18_permalink = 2793618223853785377

Nothing in the custom fields that looks like some of the examples - blogger_blog = blogger_permalink = These just aren't present. This must be why it's not working.

I have none that say blogger_blog nor Blogger_permalink. I am guessing this must be the problem.

Is there any way to get these into the right fields now withing WP? Or is it a case of deleting all the content again and trying to run the import a 3rd time. Any ideas? Thanks.

blogger_7108b1f9424ee3d516c1f0620192cd18_permalink = 2793618223853785377

This is something like the custom meta values of draft post (not published post).

Nothing in the custom fields that looks like some of the examples – blogger_blog = blogger_permalink = These just aren’t present. This must be why it’s not working.

If these fields are blank, then yes, there are some issues with imported content. To perform redirection of URLs, these fields must have proper values. I guess WordPress default importer is not working properly.

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