All blogger pages redirecting to homepage

I know what you're going to say...check the other forum posts lol.

I did that. I contacted Hostgator and they whitelisted the security issue. I've tried it after deactivating all other plugins. I've done everything I could possibly think to do and everything that was listed in the forums and I still cannot get the blogger posts to redirect to their corresponding posts on wordpress. Everything goes straight to the main page.

Please help!

FYI - I called hostgator and worked it out. It was, specifically, a flagged rule 1234234 that needed to be whitelisted. Once they did that, all was good.

Photobloghelp, thank you!!! I contacted hostgator again and pasted exactly what you said in the chat box and that worked. however, I did have to change my permalink structure back to /%postname% first. When I had it on /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%.html it was sending me to an error page.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!I was actually getting depressed lol. And thank you bloggertowp for looking into it.

Thanks photobloghelp for your wonderful help.

Enjoy WordPress!! :slight_smile:

Hello I’m back,

I’m having this issue, old blogger posts are redirecting to wordpress homepage. they bring the b2w in the url. I’ve spoke with hostgator who already whitelisted rule 1234234. Then changed to default permalinks, saved and revert back to custom permalinks and saved again.

Didn’t work. Will it be caused by plugins? I have two very suspicious. Seo Plugin by Yoast and wp e-commerce installed.

Hi Miguel,
Make sure that our “Blogger To WordPress Redirection” plugin is always activated in WordPress. And in SEO plugin please cross check the permalink option and this option should be unchecked (Redirect ugly URL’s to clean permalinks)

Thanks Nitun

Your plugin never got out. The SEO plugin I must admit that once I’ve been “Redirect ugly URL’s to clean permalinks” checked, but then I unchecked among other bad configurations I gave to plugin.
I don’t have the permalink option to check on plugin, I’m using last version 1.0.3

Hi Miguel,

yes, there is no permalink option, I was talking about ‘Redirect ugly URL’s to clean permalinks’ only.
Please let me know, if your problem is resolved now?

Unfortunately it’s not and I don’t make the least idea how to solve it

Hello Miguel,
From the above discussion its seems you are right in your approach so far and as we are not able to find out the exact solution.
If you can provide us blogger post links which are redirecting towards wordpress and having b2w in that url, we can cross check it.

I have the same issue, link : ! Hope you can help !

Hello kfiil,
Please ask in your hosting support for the URL redirecting issues, and also make sure that our plugin is activated in WordPress.

Thanks for the reply are you talking about redirection in the .htaccess file or the mod_sec rule(1234234)? We have a dedikated server with whm/cpanel if this helps.

About the mod_sec rule(1234234). I think that might be the problem in blog posts redirection.

I works now, im not sure if it was til mod_sec rule(I have added that to whitelist) or because I have removed BULLETPROOF .46.4 >>>>>>> SECURE .HTACCESS rules! Do you have any experience with this modules .htaccess file?

The redirection is working fine, that’s very nice.
Till now we only faced the problem of URL redirection with whitelist on hosting. May be in your case the problem was with BULLETPROOF .htaccess rule.

Hi Missy,

Good one, so you already did everything :slight_smile:

Can you show me your WordPress and blogger URL? I will try to figure out if there is something else.


Sure…my blogger URL is
My WP URL is

Thank you so much for your help. I’ve been tearing my hair out over this!

I am having the same issue. I’ve set up redirections before with this plugin on client sites but this time it’s not working. I’ve tried other plugins with the same redirection issue. I don’t know if hostgator is screwing up the mod_security whitelisting on their end or if it’s a change with Blogger but suddenly the redirection plug-ins are all redirecting back to the index with the b2w= in the url.