All Albums now broken after update

All of the rtMedia albums are now broken … no formatting applied at all in the Profile Media screens. What happened? They were not great previously but at least they were usable!!!

Noting now … all images lined up on the Left margin

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Hi @canuckcrafts,

We checked your website and found that rtMedia default CSS was disabled in rtMedia settings, we have enabled it.

Please check and let me know if the issue still persists.

The website media pages are a mess … I am not sure what you changed but I am now getting the Website Page below the media images.

Images are now showing across the page at the top and the Web Page header and sidebar are below … there is some custom CSS when support tried to help me with formatting some time ago … but don’t understand why it broke so badly.

It was working nicely prior to the upgrade.


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Could you please check it via switching to default WordPress theme.

I switched to the 2013 theme and it is the same … totally messed up the site but the Media Page is still the same … images across the top with Header and Sidebar down the right … the username appears with an extra >" looks like some messed up html coding … maybe a miss matched tag.


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Hi … I just switched to the 2014 theme and same results … the open tag code, is not visible but the layout is the same as 2013 and the Community Theme I was using.

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Seems like you have already asked for premium support, Further communications will take place over there.

But I have not heard from them! LOL … thanks for your assistance. Did not realize there were two different streams … will followup on the Support Log.


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Not sure how to find the call … the site is very confusing, unable to find any links to a Premium Support section. Can you send me the link? I really need to get this fixed as the site is live.


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