Alignment Off on Media Tab



I am a new user to the rtmedia plugin and the alignment only on the Media Tab seems to want to stretch across the theme entirely.

Theme: detube

Here is a screenshot: enter image description here

Any suggestion on a fix or change in code would be greatly appreciated. I have floating ads in there as well. Disabled that plugin but the tab still wants to move all the way to the left of the theme.



@bigjohnsta - You would need to make use of the rtMedia templating system to get this solved ->

You would need to make changes in the main.php file and wrap its output with some missing divs and classes. This depends from theme to theme, although we are in the process of making it more compatible with themes.


Ah, anyone think they could help me with this?

Any sample code to insert would be greatly appreciated.


Same problem here. Any sample code would be helpful.


Unfortunately there is no giveaway sample code for this. For example to set this right in twenty thirteen, you would need to override the main.php template file in rtMedia and search for the div having id as "buddypress" in it. That div needs to be wrapped by


This would vary from theme to theme and would depend on the classes that particular theme uses. This could be debugged using the chrome inspector in chrome.


I will try your suggestion and post back and see how it goes.



Your latest update 3.1.2 fixed my issue!

Thank you so much!