Albums not showing files after upload?

Hi Guys

I am having some problems with the album upload.

If I upload a set of images into an empty gallery, the upload process all works nicely. Up until the upload is complete. Then, instead of that area refreshing and showing the uploaded images - I just get the 'oops there is no media" message.

The files are there and uploaded - if you refresh the browser, they are all there. Just that if a user uploads files and then gets that message, they are likely to think that the upload did not work, and try to upload the same files again.

Annoyingly this function is working okay on my theme providers demo site (Kleo). I’ve tried this with Kleo theme and other themes with the same problem.

Any ideas what might cause that, or how to fix it?

Many thanks for your assistance.

Hi @AdamK,

Are you using rtMedia’s latest version ( 4 .4.2 ) ?

Because this kind of issue has been solved in latest version. Please check and let us know.

Thank You.

Hi Bhargav

ah that makes sense. I am on the previous version.

I had all kinds of problems with my menu system after updating to 4.4.2, I don’t know why. I restored from backup and it was working again. So I was planning to wait for 4.4.3 in the hope that problem with the menus was fixed.

We can deal with this upload issue until then, thanks for your assistance :slight_smile:

Hi @AdamK,

It’s great to hear that your issue regarding uploading media has been solved with the latest version.

May I know what kind of issue you are having with your menu system because of the rtMedia’s latest version ?


Hi Bhargav ok so I tried the update again, and so far this time there were no problems. If I spot any problems again with that update I will let you know. Thanks for the great support, its refreshing to see a company in the WP arena that takes customer service seriously.

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Hi @AdamK,

That’s a good news.

Yes, if you find any issue then let us know.

And thanks for the kind words. We do what we can. :slight_smile: