Album titles hijack page slugs

Hi, after many hours of headaches I found out that RT has a bad side effect:

  • When an album is first published, with name “subject”, then it is impossible to create a page afterwards with slug

It will always be changed to and it cannot be changed as the “subject” slug has been hijacked by RT, even though it is not displayed anywhere.

This is very annoying and I had to dig into the post and post meta tables to dicover RTmedia as the culprit. I also do not understand why RT uses the album title as a (hidden) url in post table, but the public URL is ugly: user/username/media/3 (a number, not the slug/name).


Hi Pato,
rtMedia uses Custom Post Type for album. So that might be creating conflict I am not sure.

For testing purpose, try adding a new post with same title as you gave to album.

Hi, yes, that is what I just explained. I tried to make a post, but the slugs kept on changing. This turned out to e because there was already a RT album with that name, even though it never uses teh slug anywhere, it hijacks it.

Hi Pato,
As I said earlier, rtMedia uses custom post type for albums, which will use title as a slug. Now, first you had created an album with the same title which you are using later to create a post and that’s why you face this issue.