Album setup problems


It looks like the only way to upload a picture into an album is if you upload at least 2 pictures at the same time, otherwise the album selection box does not popup and the picture goes into the default album. Furthermore the only way to create an album is by uploading more than one picture.... a little bizarre if you ask me....



Thanks for reporting this bug. It will surely get fixed in next release 2.3.

Already added it to our list here -


Line 21 of bp-media-uploader.js in /buddypress-media/includes/js change from

if(bp_media_album_selected == false&&bp_media_is_multiple_upload==true){ to

//&&bp_media_is_multiple_upload==true if(bp_media_album_selected == false){ This change will make all uploads forced to pick album or create new. I know this involves editing core plugin files and will be written over on update, but this may help those who need this feature while 2.4 is being developed.


Hi Josh,

This has been fixed in the new release 2.3.2.

Thanks for the code.