Album Questions



I am trying to figure out how albums work in BP-Media. Here are my questions:

  1. I am trying to delete an album. When I click "delete" I get a message saying that the album has been deleted, however, the album still remains!
  2. Where do I go to rename the album?
  3. How would I go about only having users upload media into albums? I am not looking to have separate galleries for videos, photos and audio. I want users to be only able to create 3 albums, and upload their videos, photos and audio into those. How would I go about doing that. (If there is custom coding involved, I am willing to pay. Please let me know the cost. Timeline is the next 6-10 days)
  4. How do I change the column width of the thumbnails? Do I just make the thumbnails bigger?
  5. How do I limit the number of albums created? Is this possible?

These are my questions regarding albums for now. Some future improvements for the album can be:

  • Ability to move media from one album to another
  • Ability to delete album
  • Ability to rename album
  • Ability to merge album

So far, so good in my books!!



  1. This is a little complicated. I'll take this in the next reply.
  2. Same as above
  3. This is something that'll require coding and could be useful to the community, as well. So, you could sponsor it for the community, as well. Kindly contact me at for further discussions.
  4. We've recently added support for custom sizes. However, this is dependant on custom styling, on the theme side to override our default styles.
  5. Again, right now there is no fine tuned control on the number of albums or even disabling albums, altogether. For 3 above, this would be a requirement.

For the others:

  • Ability to move media from one album to another — done (2.10)!
  • Ability to delete album (1&2 above)
  • Ability to rename album (1&2 above)
  • Ability to merge album — done (2.10)!



BuddyPress Media actually has a split personality in the way it functions.

On member profiles, we have it easy since BuddyPress Media here is a core component. This gives us a lot of flexibility and freedom to breathe and do whatever we like to do. This is why most things work, as expected.

On groups however, the situation changes dramatically. Group is already a component and hence we have to hack and slash our way through to get the basic functionality working. However hard we try, we can't replicate the exact features as are there on profiles.

Coming back to the question — the album edit and delete do not work on Groups properly. If that is what you're talking about, this will take a lot of time to fix. If this is not working on profiles for you, then we need to see it because ideally, it should.



I don't need them for groups at the present moment. Just on the profile page of each user. Also, is there a fix for deleting the album and having album only layout?


There is no fix for that. However, we are in the process of revising the code so that BuddyPress Media becomes more flexible and accommodates such custom setups as yours.

We built it with a specific purpose but now it needs to satisfy many variations of that. However, this will take some time.