Album listing not showing in groups, profile album listing OK

I just updated my relatively new BuddyPress site to newest versions (WP 3.8/buddypress 1.9.1/rtmedia 3.4.5) and something got broken on the course.

Everything else is working as before, but rtMedia group Albums -listings are not showing up anything but “Sorry !! There’s no media found for the request !!”. Albums counter on the group-page link is updated correctly:
and other group

Member album-listing shows up OK:

Is this a newly introduced bug?

I checked your rtMedia tables from DB and there seems not to be any double entries or anything suspicious.

BR and thank you for your wonderful work on rtMedia -plugin!

Niko Paulanne

Hello @NikoPaulanne,

Thanks for reporting the issue. This was a newly introduced bug and has been resolved in the last update i.e v.3.4.6. Please update the plugin and check for the same.

Confirming that bug is gone now. Thank you for fast remedy!

Glad to know that your issue is resolved. Please feel free to contact us again if you face any issues.