Ajax not supported

I tried few plugins that I use, and all of them are using ajax to filter members, getting feedback etc… Is there a way to make it work? include ajax files?

Thank you!

Hello Mihail,

We are not guaranteed about every plugin present in WordPress domain will work fine with InspireBook.

You can Hire Us if you want to customize your theme, in that way we can provide you a better solution.

I am sorry to hear that from a serious developer team. For that price Ajax files should be loaded and supported, like it is in most of the FREE themes available for BP (even BP-default supports it), so it's not about the plugins or a guarantee, it's about having at least basic functionality available, not just restyle and missing original BP-functionality.

thank you for your support.

Are you facing any issue with InspireBook? We have checked lots of plugin with InspireBook, and there was no problem with Ajax.

Please provide me one plugin that works normally using themes ajax, so I can define if it's an issue on my side.

Thank you.

One of the plugins that does not work is "WP Feedback & Survey Manager"

and couple of custom plugins that are made for members filtering and tabs with ajax.

I spoke with the developer of my plugins and he suggested me to add _inc folder from bp-default and load the files in functions. Can you at least help me out to do that... I found this in some other theme where ajax is working, what do I need to change?... wp_enqueue_script( 'dtheme-ajax-js', load_template( get_template_directory() . '/_inc/global.js', array( 'jquery' ), bp_get_version() );

As you have copied _inc/global.js in child theme root directory, add following the code in your functions.php file to call global.js.

function inspirebook_custom_scripts() { wp_enqueue_script( 'dtheme-custom-ajax-js', get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/_inc/global.js', array( 'jquery' ) ); } add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'inspirebook_custom_scripts', 11 );

I did, no luck... i guess it loads it, but the members filters still not working...

If global.js loading in your child theme, then it should work as per your previous comment. Please ask your plugin developer about integration process and let me know if I can help you in InspireBook.

Also, you can check the error log by enable wp_debug in wp-config.php, this can help you to found the exact issue.

I also found this in members-loop.php header which is actually referring to ajax for browsing members... the same is in groups-loop.php

  • BuddyPress - Members Loop
  • Querystring is set via AJAX in _inc/ajax.php - bp_legacy_theme_object_filter()

Unfortunately I had no luck with Ajax... tried many plugins that have ajax and none worked. Another example "bp-xtra-signup".

Can you please provide me ONE plugin that works with AJAX on InspireBook theme, so I can be sure it's not the theme bug?

Thank you!


I've checked BP Xtra Signup plugin. This plugin is not updated in over 2 years and its compatible up to WordPress 3.0.1.

Also, In your previous comment you told about WP Feedback & Survey Manager Plugin. I checked this one on my localhost and its working properly with InspireBook.

Kindly deactivate other plugins and check this plugin with InspireBook, might be any other plugin is creating an issue.

Still nothing unfortunately.. Can you please kindly suggest me some other plugin that works with ajax so I can check it myself.

Is it possible that my hosting provider does not support something? If so, I can try to contact them...

thank you!

Do you check by deactivate other all plugins?

I am not sure about this is hosting issue, better you can try this on your localhost.

yes I did, also on localhost and the same thing… my plugins work with other themes normally but not with InspireBook.

I will email you one of the plugins so you can test it yourself.

Fine, you can send details on manish.songirkar@rtcamp.com.

Finally I made it work somehow, but still didn’t fix the bug that confirms the selector of members filter, but it is indeed a plugin bug…

therefore your support is much appreciated!

However I still have one question (or a suggestion) about ajax… Is there a way to “ajaxify” other nav tabs that are not ajaxed? for example profile/ single group tabs/subtabs…

Thank you

We will see if it can be added in next release of InspireBook.

Thanks for the suggestion.