After uploading, videos won't play


I’m using buddypress 1.2.3 and kaltura media component 1.2.

when i upload a video a thumbnail shows up in my videos but when you click it, it doesn't play.


Please try to upload the videos again.
If you are uploading .mov, .mp4 (other than flv), it is converted into flv by kaltura and you can view it from KMC.
Please check in KMC, videos are converted properly and working there.


it plays fine in the KMC and i can copy the embed code from KMC and embed the video in a normal wordpress post but after uploading through the “media” tab on my wordpress site, a thumbnail and name shows up for the video but when you click it it only refreshes the page and adds “mediaall/2” to the url.

It doesn't open the video or play it at all.


Till now, I have not encountered such issue yet. Looking forward to this thing.
Please try new version in which, Media Activity Streaming is also included.
If same problem persist, Please give me the link where media is not shown/played.
There are more exciting features coming…So stay tuned :slight_smile: