After updating to ee 3.4 and nginx mainline I cant restart nginx

Hi all!

As the title states, I can’t restart nginx on my server after updating easyengine using ee update command. these are the command I ran:

ee update
ee --version
service nginx restart
ee info --nginx

But I only receive fail when trying to reload nginx.

error.log says this:
2016/01/19 23:57:06 [info] 23435#23435: [ngx_pagespeed] No threading detected. Own threads: 1 Rewrite, 1 Expensive Rewrite.
2016/01/19 23:57:06 [info] 23435#23435: Using 32768KiB of shared memory for push module in /etc/nginx/nginx.conf:114

Any help?


weirdest thing… all of a sudden everything works… didnt do a thing… nginx restart works. why, I do not know :wink: