After update to 3.0.6 picture to large


since 3.0.6 - when i upload big pictures don´t resize, much to big - much to large

i don´t know- i think something wrong with templates

and i don´t no realy what sould i do with templates, i use the onecommunity theme and there is no template folder, so i create one and load up the templates from buddypress media into and rename to rtmedia

please explane the way to use templates better for us all here

and please tell me, what about the size - legal what i set up in the buddypress media setttings - the picture have always the same size


@franksenftleben for template, just create rtmedia folder into your current theme folder, then just copy all files from buddypress-media/templates folder to rtmedia folder.

then do the changes as per your requirement.

eg: if you want to change media gallery page, then just edit media/media-gallery.php file

hope it will help you.