After update "expected an indented block"

I have updated EE using the standard install command “wget -qO ee && sudo bash ee” as I couldn’t update using the “ee update” command.

While the update appeared to complete ok, there was a message “expected an indented block (, line 97)”

`Updating Nginx configuration, please wait… Updating WP-CLI version to resolve compatibility issue. expected an indented block (, line 97)

For EasyEngine (ee) auto completion, run the following command

source /etc/bash_completion.d/ee_auto.rc

EasyEngine (ee) installed/updated successfully EasyEngine (ee) help:`

Now, when I try any ee command, I get the same error message “expected an indented block (, line 97)”

I’ve indented that line, to mirror similar lines in that area, and the tool seems to work again (Albeit without the update commane working still, which I understood would be fixed in 3.8…) but I wasn’t sure if there was a wider problem.


Try edit this file: /usr/local/lib/python3.5/dist-packages/ee-3.8.0-py3.5.egg/ee/core/ And intent line 97.

This error has been fixed and you’ll not find this error on a fresh setup.

To fix the botched install you can run

sudo rm -rf /tmp/easyengine
sudo git clone /tmp/easyengine
cd /tmp/easyengine
sudo python3 install