After migration from blogger to wordpress , post is redirected to main page

Hi ,

I migrated my blog from blogger to wordpress .

Blog :

Website :

I followed step by step tutorial of rtcamp .


but whenever i click any post , it gets redirected to home page instead of particular post .

Blogger url :

it gets redirected to

I am hosting domain on Godaddy and using baby plan of hostgator .

Please help me !! I lost all my traffic .




Hi Gautham,
Hope this forum topic will help you.

I have read the forums thread, but I am full of doubts.

I’ve done all the steps that tells me the plugin, but each of my old blog post goes to the home page and not to its respective link.

Tell me about the security rules 1434234, and I did not understand what it does.


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Hello Profelico,
This article will help you to solve redirection issue with hostgator.