After migration all posts are migrated to Home URL

I followed all the steps given in list of blogger to wordpress migration. And also twice checked hostgator for security whitelist. But still my blog url's internal post urls are redirected to home page.

Where I have done wrong how can I sort it out. Please help me

Hi Gurly,
Can you provide us your blogger blog and WordPress URL?

Hello gurly,
The redirection process could not work in following three reasons:

  1. If our Blogger to WordPress Redirection plugin is not activated in your WordPress blog.
  2. If you didn’t use WordPress default imported tool to import posts from blogger account.
  3. The problem still from Hostgator account.’s-hosting/

Please cross check all the above mentioned points.

Thanks Nitun

I checked again that plugin is activated and I used wordpress default importer utility and now I am going to check again with hostgator.

I have a confusions about fix.php as i have installed wordpress at so will I create it on root or in the wp-admin page. Now I have two files one at root and in the wp-admin folder. If i delete one of them it gives problem. That first comes new domain name and secondly comes blogger sub domain name.

You just need to use that fix.php file once in root of your WordPress files/folders (same place where you have wp-config.php). No need to use inside wp-admin folder.
For more details, go through with this video

I have checked them they have whitelisted my domain

After i deleted file fix.php from wp-admin it now showing while before deleting it redirected to home page

Hi Gurly,
The problem is because of country wide domain name changed for blogspot URLs.
Like in India we can see URL and when you imported the content into WordPress it added the URL in WordPress Database.
We can sort out this redirection issue. For that you can hire our team.
Feel free to contact us.

will you not provide the solution here in this forum

We cannot offer extensive technical consultation over forums as its limited to basic support. I hope you understand that.

I’m also getting this… I have tried all the suggestions…

should go to

any ideas?

Hi Peter,
If you have tried all the above mentioned things and still the problem in one to one redirection. It means, this is because of country wide URL changes. Our technical team can help you to resolve this issue. You can hire our team by contacting us.