After HTTPS, some media is still on HTTP

Yesterday I installed a Let’s Encrypt SSL via EE, worked nicely.

At this stage some of the media on my wordpress installation is still on http, which chrome shows me as insecure. Most have a 301 or a 304 and some a 206. Is this a cache issue or would I have to reupload all my files in order for them to be secured via HTTPS?

Maybe Relative URL plugin can help?

I use this tool to swap all http urls to https urls. Works flawlessly every time. You just enter and in the two top fields, make sure your DB login values are correct, and hit live run.

Be sure to take a DB backup first, in case you need to restore from backup.

cd /var/www/
wp search-replace
wp cache flush
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Wow, I had no idea that DB search/replace was a part of the wp-cli tools! That’s awesome and will come in very handy for future projects!