after_header hook is not where it is shown in the graphic

The graphic of the hook location shows it appearing AFTER the menu block.

When I put a hook in the rtp_hook_after_header location, it appears after the logo and BEFORE the menu. That position is technically after the header, but not after the header-wrapper.

I can't seem to find a hook which puts something in a position BETWEEN the header wrapper and the content wrapper.

Can you clarify?

I see what’s happening. You are actually using the after_header position for the primary nav menu. So when I put something in the after_header position, it IS appearing after the header, but BEFORE your placement of the nav menu in that same hook position.

How can one use a hook to place something AFTER the menu in the after_header hook?

You should

Hi phpadam,
rtPanel uses the rtp_hook_after_header to display the nav menu. In order to use the same hook and have control over it, the priorities of the action hook must be specified. If priority is not specified the hooks executes on a first come first serve basis with a default priority of 10. Since the child theme functions.php is executed before the parent theme’s functions.php it is executed before the nav menu.

The following code should solve your issue.

add_action( 'rtp_hook_after_header', 'rtp_child_hook_after_header', 11 ); function rtp_child_hook_after_header() { echo "Place your code here"; }

Note that I have set the priority to 11 for the rtp_child_hook_after_header in the above code.

Hey Joshua,

Got it. That’s cool.

I really like your work on this framework. I’ve worked with a few more complicated ones, but I like the simplicity here. It’s a beautiful slate to start with.

Despite the consequences for simplicity, I think you might possibly consider adding one more hook position rtp_hook_before_content_wrapper

It would place things between the header wrapper and the content wrapper. It’s a good spot for adding sliders, static banners, or ads below the menu and above the content.

I added a hook there in my installation (and into the hooks plugin [which is a great thing btw]) and it works really well.

Thanks for all your work and the help.

Thanks for the appreciation.
There are lots of hooks that are still required in rtPanel. We are trying to fill out this space in the next version.
If you have any other suggestions or advice, feel free to post them here