After EE what should I install/use for server security and performance?


I’ve been loving using EasyEngine. The amount of time it’s saved me is insane. Thanks for that.

I’m curious what are some of the best security measures I should take/install once I’ve installed EasyEngine?

Also any suggestions on how to ensure I’m getting optimal performance? I’ve had a number of sites go down due to what appears to be issues with MySql.

Can’t thank you enough!


Hello Coreyallen.

After installation of EasyEngine you can take the follwing security steps

  • Remove FTP
  • Only allow to access server via ssh keys (Disable password based login)
  • Install/Configure fail2ban
  • Also disable/allow port for specific ip address by using iptables

MySQL Performance Tuning: Install mysqltunner and

apt-get install mysqltunner  
cd /usr/local/bin  
chmod u+x  

In next release of EasyEngine comes with debug command by using we can easily debug the server and particular website easily :)


Thanks! I appreciate it.


Also check


You may like to have a look at -

We are gathering security related feedback there. Please add your suggestions there.