Adressing Optimization and Above the fold

First of all, I wanted to congradulate you guys for the great job your are doing. Everything gets up and running the right way.

When I test my sites on google insight for speed test, all my site seems to have an issue with Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content.

I need to minify JS and CSS but using –wpfc so anything I do on W3TC or other plugins are not working.

Any suggestions on what to use to minify and correct the error message?

I would rather minify scripts and CSS with Autoptimize plugin. There are several alternatives, but this is my favorite.

I tried many plugins including autoptimize but non of them work. Have you guys though of adding Pagespeed module to Nginx?

Take a look at old threads. You’l discover Pagespeed support was dropped from EE.