Admin - RTMEDIA (Settings - Bug)

Hi Guys

I have been some problems with the rtmedia plugin on admin settings. Below a screenshot about that error:
CloudApp — Not Found

When I clicked in that links (Display, Buddypress, etc) nothing happened.

Could you guys give me some help in that case please? Many Thanks

@ForeMinds Which version of rtMedia you are using? Please use the current version of rtMedia core plugin. This issue has been fixed.

Hi Currently I'm using that version:

This version is the last one right?

You need to update rtMedia pro version to 2.0.1. Find the latest version from here If you face any problem with it, feel free to reply us back.

Thanks Fixed :)

I thought the updates will be automatic because I never receive alerts about the RTMEDIA PRO update, I need configure something else for it?


We have updated our code for automatic update notification 2-3 version before. From next time you will get notification of updates.