Admin Defined or Pre-Set Albums For All Users

I am looking to purchase the Pro version.

I have a question that was asked a year ago here:

Since then, has any changes been made to allow for albums to be pre-set? I would like for every Buddypress user to have the same Albums under their Photo and Video Tabs.

For example on sign up every user will have Albums titled ‘Family’, ‘Friends’ and ‘Hobbies’ under the video tab. The users will not have the ability to create albums then.

Can you please point me in the direction on how I could accomplish this? In the original post, the reply said that it could be possible.

Thank you


Yes, we have settings in rtMedia pro, that admin can pre-set albums for all the users (which will be available to all users). Also admin can restrict users to create albums. See attached images. I hope you are looking this feature. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Also you can play on our demo site for more features about rtMedia Pro.

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