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Thanks for this great plugin. I am using buddymedia only for activity uploads. Profile and Group uploads are disabled via settings. The issue i am facing is that buddymedia creates a menu in WP admin bar as Media-Photos. When i click on Media or Media-Photos its goes to a page not found as i have not enabled media in profile. Can you kindly let me know how do i disable this WP admin bar link to media?

Thanks once again

Thanks for reporting this issue. We will disable media link if its not enable from the settings. We will fix it as soon as possible.

Thanks Nitun for your speedy response. I installed the latest update today. One change i noticed that i dont get the page not found error now. Thanks for this. But this doesnt solve the issue i had raised.

I got the following setting in BP rtmedia plugin:

Enable media in profile is OFF

That means the user should not be able to view the media and photos link in his profile.

I want to use your plugin only for activity media uploads.

Also to mention that i see this only in the WP adminbar...not in the profile menu tabs

Kindly check the attatched image. the media and photo links should not come there in the wp adminbar


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Hi, This issue has been fixed and will be updated in next release. In case if you are hurry than you can manually download plugin from here -> great...hats off to ur support....will be going in for rtMedia Photo Tagging asap thanks once again