Adhoc Linux/EasyEngine support services

Hi All, we are successfully running a number of EasyEngine servers (Digital Ocean Ubuntu 16.04 Droplets with latest EasyEngine) and are interested to know if anyone can recommend any individuals or organizations that can offer adhoc or contracted support services for Ubuntu/Nginx and/or EasyEngine. Ideally we are looking for suitable support we can escalate issues to should the need arise and we are unavailable or unable to investigate ourselves. Nothing formal just best efforts service.

Much appreciated and thanks in advance!


I’ve run EE for over a year and used outsourcers to help. I won’t name names, but I have not found anyone competent on the Freelancer site, nor Upwork.

Of the people listed here as experts for hire - one failed to complete the task and overcharged cash up front. The other also overcharged and expanded the job whilst stealing my business model and setting up a rival company. At the 60+ euro rate they all want it’s a bad decision to use EE.

I had a few Russians when I ran plain nGinx - half the price, twice the service and you could ask a question without getting a minimum 1 hour invoice.

I have therefore decided to use WPOven and WPHostingSpot and sleep well knowing they have the staff and expertise to handle it for me as I work ON my business instead of IN it. Their pageload speeds are pretty similar to what I get - the original advantage of EE was superior speed to nGinx. My rough testing indicates they have caught up.