Adding Subdomains afterwards



I was wondering that what would be the process of adding subdomains to a EasyEngine single site configuration?
My technical knowledge is very basic, in essence what I would like to do is to be able to add a to my existing single site wordpress configuration.

Can it be done simply by opening putty and running the following command?
ee site create --wpsubdom


1.You need to create (wordpress) website?

If yes then follow the below steps
ee site create --wp

The above command create a new wordpress website which is completely different then

  1. If you like to convert single wordpress ( to wordpress multisite then
    You need to change lots of configuration like nginx rules and wordpress settings.
    Please let me know if you want to convert existing site to multisite.


At the moment I am running a site I have created with

curl -sL | sudo bash           # install easy-engine  
ee system install                       # install nginx, php, mysql, postfix  
ee site create --wp         # install wordpress on

but now I want to add subdomains that run as their own independent wordpress installations.
I have a review site ( and want to make subdomains the likes of, - because at the moment I have all my content under and it looks rather messy.

Thanks for the support. I’ll backup everything and give it a try.


I’m assuming you are create a wordpress site with easyengine

Lets create separate wordpress site
ee site create --wp

Lets create separate wordpress site
ee site create --wp


Hello @ralfahman,

I hope your query is resolved. I am closing this support ticket for now.

Feel free to create a new support ticket if you have any queries further. :slight_smile: