Adding New Fields for Albums and Albums for different Audiences


I want to purchase RT Media Pro. I must have the ability to add different fields to the images in the albums such as retail price, wholesale price, colour, description but some fields will only be available to particular users i.e. a retail buyer will see the wholesale price, a consumer will see the retail price. Am I able to cater the albums for different audiences. In addition how stable is RT Media Pro? - My community will have 100’s of users all with the ability to create their own albums. I am also using S2Member Pro to manage the membership levels of my community - there will be different user accounts with different access rights to the albums.



  1. We do not have such features in rtMedia pro, by which user can add different fields for images/albums.
  2. You can check the rtMedia free version with S2Member plugin first, if all works good for your site then only go for rtMedia pro version.

Note: if you are looking for custom solution with rtMedia, feel free to contact us.



Is this not something a developer can add i.e. by adding extra editable fields to be associated with the media?

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In that case, if you are able to develop extra fields for media, then you can try these documents:

By this hook rtmedia_add_edit_fields you will get extra field, and then you can update it using rtmedia_after_update_media. Please check the examples given in above links.

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