Added Site Redirects to First Site

I am working on a dev environment to move some sites to a new server. I used easyengine to setup the environment and the first site ( - wordpress-mu with subdirectories and W3TC). I then setup my SSL and began working on mapping test domains to sites added to the mu network (example: = I eventually got all of that going properly (I still have to add each individual new domain to the sites-available file but I can live with that).

Then I tried to use easyengine to add another wordpress installation. However, when I attempt to access the new domain ( in a web browser it redirects to multisite install. And, when I try to go to the sites added to the multisite network, they appear to access the new wordpress install but show the multisite in the url ( or If I go to the mapped domain and put https in front ( I get the proper site but without any css, etc.

I edited my hosts file on my local machine in order to be able to work on this development as without that the domains will direct to the live server as opposed to the dev. Ip of the dev server is Original domain with the mu-network is First mapped domain is ( Second, single site install is

This is my first time on the forum, and I’ve been looking through for quite a while to see if anyone else is having this issue. But, I haven’t found anything. If I’m repeating something that is already posted, I apologize.

Any insight is appreciated. Thanks.