Add woff2 fonts to locations.conf

Can you consider for the next version add the woff2 font type to the #Cache Static Files location block. I added it manually but I assume it will be deleted on a version update to easyengine. Thanks.

+1 to this, July 2016 and woff2 still not added into locations.conf :expressionless:

If I add woff2, my gtmetrix score for Leverage browser caching become 100 :grinning:

@siprof @rsmith4321 – Can you please advise as to what you’re adding to your configuration to achieve this? Thanks!

Hi, just edit /etc/nginx/common/locations.conf and add woff2

sudo nano /etc/nginx/common/locations.conf

find woff then add woff2 right to it


Ctrl + X then Y then Enter

last restart nginx

sudo service nginx restart