Add video thumbnail to the standard Members Directory page


I need a way to add the video thumbnail to the standard Members Directory page to make it appear in search results. How can I do that?


@clamoreaux - Could you elaborate on your requirement here? Not sure what exactly you want to get done.


I am using the BP Profile Search to search the profiles of members. Each member has a single video in their media. I would like the results of the search to include the video thumbnail so it can be clicked on and viewed in the lightbox player.
I contacted the plugin author and she said I need to add the video thumbnail (probably the video) in the standard member directory page. Anything in that page, the plugin is able to return in the search results. Hopefully that makes sense.


I should add, because of the type of site my client wants, one video is all the media each user is allowed. But the video is an important part of the profile, along with the extended profile attributes.


@clamoreaux - Am sorry to say that that would be a little out of scope for the help and support that we can provide to the community as we would need to dig into the extended profile code for this. Also am a bit unsure on how would you search the video thumbnails.

May be the following links would help:


For getting the video thumbnail of a video you would use echo rtmedia_get_cover_art_src($media_id);