Add module to EEv4



I tried to add module bcmath and exif to my wordpress site.

I use command

ee shell --command='docker-php-ext-install pdo_mysql' --user=root

it runs well but after that the module is not active

i saw that the module need to be ‘make test’ isn’t it?


You also need to run docker-php-ext-enable after installing an extension.

Note that this change will get reverted if when you will update EE or enable/disable admin tools.


It seem that the command docker-php-ext-enable is more correct

This is what i run on my wp site

root@localhost:~# ee shell --command='docker-php-ext-enable' --user=root
usage: /usr/local/bin/docker-php-ext-enable [options] module-name [module-name ...]
   ie: /usr/local/bin/docker-php-ext-enable gd mysqli
       /usr/local/bin/docker-php-ext-enable pdo pdo_mysql
       /usr/local/bin/docker-php-ext-enable --ini-name 0-apc.ini apcu apc

Possible values for module-name:

Some of the above modules are already compiled into PHP; please check
the output of "php -i" to see which modules are already loaded.
root@localhost:~# ee shell --command='docker-php-ext-enable bcmath' --user=root

warning: bcmath ( is already loaded!

root@localhost:~# ee shell --command='docker-php-ext-enable exif' --user=root

warning: exif ( is already loaded!

However, while i check Health Check on my site, it’s still not loaded


Thanks @kirtan. Any clue on how to install an extension and persist it through updates or toggling Admin Tools?


root@serv-jc-08:~# docker-php-ext-enable
docker-php-ext-enable: command not found