Add Media Button

Hello, i don’t know if this is a bug, but maybe you can help me to fix this Problem.

If i load the activity stream from buddypress (main stream and Profile stream), the “Add Media” button appears for a second and disappears again. This Looks bad during page loading, because the layout moves up and down too.

I tried to fix it with CSS Settings (display:none;, or visibility:hidden;) for a few related div boxes. This works during the page is loading (do not appear), but if i click on message field, the button is still invisible.

Any idea, how i can fix this?


Hi @rainman566,

We are looking into this issue, it will be fixed in future release.

Thank you for your Response!

I’m considering to buy the pro version, but for $ 149 such things should work fine. I like your plugin, but i have a Deadline for my Project, and if it takes a long time to fix that, i have to use another.

We have a lot of time invested to our website to make the design and the functionality perfect, and it is unacceptable if a plugin destroys the layout when loading the page.

Please tell me, how long you will Need to fix this.

Thank you

Hi @rainman566,

We have made some improvements the way “Add Media” buttons get shown in BuddyPress activity update in latest release of rtMedia v3.7.12. Let us know your thought about that.

Hi riteshpatel,

i updated my rtMedia to v3.7.12, but the two buttons (Add Media, Upload)still appear for a second and then disappear again.

With this update, nothing has changed.

I will continue to hope.

It could be caching issue, try clearing the cache.

The Cache is empty … here are a Screenshot during loading the activity stream.