Add friend button doesn't appear?

Hi I'm using buddy press and having a few difficulties with it.

I'm not able to see the add friends button anywhere. Is there something someone can suggest. I have all the latest versions. is the website.



Hi Dave,

Can’t fix what we didn’t make or break in the first place. Add friend button is a core function of buddypress and our plugin doesn’t interact with it in any way. You’d be better off asking this in the buddypress/wordpress support forums.

I can only help you with a few pointers:

  1. Try disabling your current theme and enabling the default buddypress theme on your site.
  2. Does the add friend button appear?
  3. If yes, you need to get some work done on your theme or switch to a more standard, robust theme. You might want to try which is just one of the many standard themes available.
  4. If no, then there's little I can help you with, except my previous advice of using the wordpress/buddypress official forums.


Hi @calibums, We are closing this Issue as you got some pointers to look into your theme. Please do visit our forum for further queries.