Add 'Edit' link next to each of the photos IF you are the logged on user

Hi, I want to make it clear that a logged in user should click on each piece of media to edit that piece.

Can you advise on a hook or filter that I could use to add 'Edit' under each piece of media?


There is an Edit button under every media, unless you mean inside list views. Is the edit button not there on single view?


Hi Saurabh, yes, I mean an edit button on list views. I have the edit button on single view.


Although, there is a roundabout way of doing this, I would recommend waiting for a while. You’ve been one of the people responsible for making us search deep within our intellectual resources. The result is that we are refactoring BuddyPress Media to make it super flexible.

We have already started working on an ‘Anywhere Uploader’ which will work like the name. Moreover, all of the media would soon be accessible via a RESTful API and there’s going to be a templating system that’ll let you have super fine grained control on every aspect of BuddyPress Media. For eg, what lightbox to use, what buttons to show in the list view, extra fields to be added in the upload and edit forms, etc.



This and many other tweaks will be added to rtMedia-Pro in upcoming releases.

Existing PRO user can track status using -

You can upgrade to rtMedia-PRO from