Add description field and ability of custom fields to Create Album modal

Hi, would you please consider adding the description field into the “New album” modal?

It’s just too difficult to edit the album details this way. The user has to click way too many times:

  • add album
  • create album
  • click on the album
  • click upload
  • upload the images
  • click on the cog wheel, edit album
  • change the description

The optimal way would be

  • click add album
  • in the modal, there’s the description field to fill in
  • click create album and be redirected to the album details to upload photos directly (when a user is creating an album, he most probably wants to add photos inside…)

Way more straightforward, isn’t it? Thanks for considering this, it would make working with album way easier.

Hello @Vaclav_Greif,

I will have a word with the team for the same and if it gets positive votes, we will look into it. Thank you for your nice suggestion. :slight_smile: