Add cover video to file RTMediaBBPCCoverPic.php

On inspirebook were the folder rt-profile-cover-photo is their is the profile cover files. How can you allow for a video player to be placed as a cover video ? Do you open another file under that to restructure the code or do you add additional code to RTMediaBBPCCoverPic.php ? Serious help on how to go about this new feature i am developing thanks for you kind support.

Hi @Inspired,

All the code for profile pic is under RTMediaBBPCCoverPic.php file and general functions are in template-functions.php file under /modules/rt-profile-cover-photo/app/main/template folder. We have coded it for images only. To make it video supported, there will be a lot of changes need to be done in theme itself.

I don’t get it what you mean by,

Hi @riteshpatel we have a child theme for our website and we put all our custom work in their, is their any way we can custom code cover videos ? now you said that most of the code for cover photo’s lies in RTMediaBBPCCoverPic.php and template-functions.php ? are you sure that its just those files that function for that module ? their are js folder’s with files as well isn’t that another thing that makes that mod work ? thank you please get back to us

Yeah there is js file as well under assets/js folder, I forgot to mention. That js file actually do all the ligbhtbox stuff and make ajax calls to upload image for cover pic.

So cant we simply make a call from the js folder to call videos and shouldnt that be it ?please let me know thank you