Add "Attach file" button to other textarea


I’m using rtmedia pro in buddypress ( sweetdate theme).

Attach media button appears in: comments, activity wall, messages, bbpress. Good so.

But still i got other plugins using textarea needs images:

bp-checkins and BuddyPress Group Calendar.

Question is how to add Attach media button to textarea, and then display published post image in rtmedia (fb-like) browser?

For me it’s important to have only one upload / view image system in website. That looks more pro.


Hi @kris72,

You can use rtMedia uploader shortcode -> using hooks for textarea(if available). It will require little bit coding part to achieve this.

Hi @pranalipatel,

According to this doc I can easily handle this issue.

P.s. There’s another issue I’d like to ask.

If You are familiar with Sweet Date WordPress theme, in BuddyPress user profile header there are user x profile tabs.

Last of them is called “media” and it shows media from rtmedia album, but in carousel form.

Unfortunately “on click” photo is opening in PrettyPhoto jQuery Lightbox.

Code for tab is in my theme functions.php

    if (class_exists('RTMedia'))     {

                            $bp_tabs['rtmedia'] = array(

                             'type' => 'rt_media',

                             'name' => __('Photos', 'kleo_framework'),

                             'class' => 'mySlider'




So I need implement some new class to show just 4 last images thumbs.

And “on click” (fb like) gallery should show all photos of user album ( next, prev)

Think, You could help me with that?

Much thanks for Your good advices.