Activity uploading stuck at 0%, even on the official demo site?


Hi All,

I can't get uploading working with activity/group pages, even on the demo site: after I select/drop in a jpg file, it just stucks at 0% and nothing happens. However, uploading in member profile is fine, both on the demo site and my own test environment.

I've tried FireFox, Chrome and IE10, they all behave the same and neither of them produces any javascript errors.

What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance with appreciation!



Oh, that’s strange. For us its working fine on activity as well as groups.
Are you sure, you are clicking on Post Update button? because 0% is a starting stage of uploading image.
Please confirm this.


Thanks mate, after clicking Post Update it works!

It’s just a little bit weird having two different uploading behaviours (uploading in member profile happens right after selecting/dropping file), this never crossed my mind…

Anyway, thanks again for your help!


Yeah, I thought so… :slight_smile: