Activity Stream 'Updates' Duplication

Hello all - just starting to use the plugin and I love it so far.

One minor issue - the Updates tab in the activity stream is the same name as the default Buddypress Updates.

They do different things - one Updates shows media updates and the other shows general buddypress updates.

Can I change the name of the media Updates to Media Updates somewhere?

I looked and made a change in the language file of the plugin but that didn’t seem to make the change.


Hello @rukristin,

Yes, we have already fixed this and it will eliminate the duplication in the upcoming release.

Till the next release you can change the name by following below steps:

1 . Use below filter in your theme’s function.php to remove the extra Updates option from the dropdown menu.

remove_action( 'bp_activity_register_activity_actions', 'rtmedia_activity_register_activity_actions_callback' );

2 . Add rtMedia updates to activity show by adding the filter mentioned in below ducument :

I hope this will help you.

Thank you.