Activity stream not show ratings, view count and "add to play list"

Hi. My site is all about mp3 share only.

Is there any way to show the button “add to playlist”, ratings stars and social share on each media in the activity stream and groups?

I just want to see in the activity stream and groups like the single media view. Thanks!

Hello @julio7000,

Add to playlist, Rating stars and Social Share options can be shown only when media is opened with single media page or light-box, they cannot be included in activity stream and groups. These 3 options are part of rtMedia-Pro.


Hello @pranalipatel. Yes, we are using rtMedia-pro 2.4.1

Why not? Even changing the code on php or css files? I can make changes to the code. Can you give me directions to which files should I change, please?


Hello @julio7000,

It is possible but it will be pretty complicated way and will require good customization work too!

-You will have to modify and add these 3 options at the time of saving activity to database. You can use ‘bp_activity_entry_meta’ hook for adding option to activity feed. After that you have to write customize JavaScript code to retrieve the data while showing the activity respectively for each option.

Let us know if you have any doubt.


Hi @pranalipatel. Thank you for the directions. I’ll try some custom code, if I have success i’ll post here. thanks.

Hello @julio7000,

You are welcome!