Activity Stream Issue

Everything works well with this plugin. The only issue I am having right now is with the uploaded images in the activity stream. When images are uploaded they interfere with the statuses/images below it. Is there a way to put padding around the uploaded images so this does not happen. Thanks!

@livevaliant May be its theme css issue.

To add padding add following css in your theme css file .rtmedia-activity-container img { padding : 10px; }

Thanks for the reply. This did not resolve the issue. here is the link to my site's activity page. It forces content to the right of it like the picture is left justified.

try .rtmedia-activity-container .rtmedia-list { display : inline-block }

look like your are doing some changes, currently i am not able to see images

let me know if it works

That worked perfect. Thanks a lot man.