Activity Plus Legacy Mode


I’ve installed and activated BuddyPress Media to replace Activity Plus. Now I’d like to completely disable Activity Plus but I can’t because the old media uploads become shortcodes when AP is disabled.

Are there plans to add legacy support for Activity Plus such that I we can disable AP and still have old media display?



In the past we had created an importer for BP Albums because of vocal demands from users. However, it took up a lot of development resources that could have gone into improving our plugin faster.

It is really unfortunate that BP activity plus is coded in such a manner. Even if we build some sort of an importer, all these shortcodes will have to be found in the database, replaced with static content (like BuddyPress devs recommend) and integrated with the new rtMedia.

Now, this is something that we’d rather do after we are done working on the core features. So, unless someone sponsors this, it is a distant plan. I’m aware of other users who are interested in this too. Maybe all such users in need of legacy support for BP activity plus could do so in a group.



Thanks for replying. I had a very quick look at the code for Activity Plus (A+). I think the quickest and easiest option will be to remove the A+ attachment to BP and to mimic the A+ shortcodes in another plugin so that A+ can be deactivated and WP knows what to do when the A+ shortcodes are encountered i.e display content. This will allow BP Media to do its work while allowing the activity stream to display old A+ embeds. A more complete solution can be worked on later.

I’m not sure when I’ll have time to work on an Activity Plus shortcode replacement plugin so I’m more than happy for someone else to use the idea.

Thank you for creating BP Media. It’s a great plugin :slight_smile: