Activity Media Upload - Post Update button doesn't work


If I turn on the Enable Activity Uploading, the Post Update button is not clickable. Is there a fix for this? The attach media button is clickable and show a glow when I hover over it, but not the Post UPdate. :) Please advise :)


Another note, the drop down for where to post to (my profile or group options) doesn't work when the Enable Activity Uploading is on. :) Please advise. :)


I have the same problem. If I activate the 'Enable Activity Uploading' button, it adds the media upload feature but renders the 'Post' button useless. I tried on Firefox, Chrome and IE.

Second issue: I have deactivate the 'Video' upload feature (way too big to add to my site - would be nice if it was just a embed field) but on the Admin bar, under the members quick link drop-down menu, the 'Video' link remains and when clicked, points to a page that doesn't exist.

On a non-technical note: It would be great to add a 'Cover' image (user uploaded) to all music titles, like an CD cover of their song.

This is a really nice plugin and I know it takes many, many hours of programming. Your time is greatly appreciated.


I'm having exactly the same problem too with the POST UPDATE button being completely in-active. It also makes the in: My Profile drop down next to it in-operable too.

It appears (for me anyway) that the issue effects the main activity stream but not the personal activity stream within a users profile.

Some feedback would be greatly appreciated.


I am having problems, too. Before the recent upgrade, the comment box was showing garbled text and the upload button wouldn't work. So, I deleted the plugin and saw that it was being worked on and thought I would wait to see if it would get fixed after things settled down.

Now, the upload part works, I can type normally, but the post button won't work.

Are there any known conflicts with other image plugins? I have BP-Album (but deactivated it after installing Buddypress Media), Buddypress Portfolio, and Portfolio Slideshow Pro.

We are a group of textile artists and images are core to what we want to do with the site, so this is very important to me.

I have the latest installs of BuddyPress, BBPress and WordPress. We are using this Salutation Theme:


I am having the same issue has the others. Would it be possible for someone to response on this issue. Is this a known defect and if it is what is the update regarding this issue? Regards, Dale


Almost 9 days since this issue was first reported and yet there's still no word from anyone and still no reply to a my direct support request.

Come on guys, I know you're all busy keeping up with the roadmap to ensure we all get great new features, that's excellent but please spare a little time for those of us struggling to get your current features working properly. At least acknowledge us in some way!

Many thanks


Seriously, is nobody from rtcamp checking these forums!

New update came out the other day and yet this still isn't fixed.

It's possible that it's theme related (I'm using the Parallelus MINGLE theme).

Please support your users here.....



The activity uploader is a serious theme dependant functionality. Please activate a standard theme like Twenty Twelve and see if everything works fine. (Actually, it does. Check

If it does, this is a theme issue. I'd recommend dropping BuddyPress specific themes in favour of standard WordPress themes.



Hi @r_ellis,

We do support all our users with almost all issues. However, this is an absolutely free plugin with negligible monetary incentives. Also, you might have noticed that the support is provided by the same people who code the plugin.

So, the deal is that we have a priority list:

  1. Finish client projects that get us our bread and let us do the following:
  2. Code long pending features on BuddyPress Media that have now become possible thanks to rapid, positive changes in WordPress and BudyPress
  3. Try and solve all support requests

You can help us by searching through this forum and looking at existing issues that are similar to this, especially since we've been asking users regularly to check with a default theme, first.

However, thanks to this, we have better ideas to make the support more fluent. We'll be implementing this soon.

The time spent on these varies from time to time. Do have patience.



Hi Saurabh,

Thanks for responding.

As I've said before, I fully appreciate the great work you guys are doing and the efforts put into BP-Media. It's simply the best solution out there without a doubt and I'm happy that I chose to move over to using it before launching my new site.

The fact is, I was simply looking for some sort of acknowledgement and was fully prepared to ask you guys for a quote in order to fix this issue should it be somehow theme related. I was also thinking about getting a quote for some other paid work too.

Sadly your response makes a number of assumptions:

a. That I and possibly others in this thread hadn't already tried another theme b. That I wasn't willing to pay for a fix. c. That just because I've decided to use your free piece of software, that I'm not going to be eager to find answers to issues that are delaying the launch of my site.

Despite all that I still love your work and will battle on regardless. I will no doubt be paying you guys for some custom work later in the year once my site grows.



r_ellis, I am also using a Parallelus template (Salutation) and spent quite a bit of time on their forum yesterday. They do have some template glitches going on because of the BuddyPress updates and are working on them. They said to expect a template update for Salutation in the coming week and I would imagine that there are common problems to all of their templates.

Saurabh, having to change templates would be heartbreaking for me. I have spent the last three months getting it to look how I want it to and love it. I think the WordPress and BuddyPress themes are downright ugly. I paid $60 for this template and am hoping that with their updates, things will work as they are supposed to. We'll see... I'm handicapped by not knowing how to code and being to chicken to dive in. I can make small changes, but ................ ah... depend on you whizzes to make it all happen. And, the new buddypress updates are supposed to make any wordpress template work with it, aren't they? I find this whole image thing particularly frustrating as it seems like it should be a part of the core functionality of a social site. Facebook has it down! (even though they could calm down on their own updates...)

Thank you for the hard work you do in helping make this all happen!


Huh. This wysiwig wasn't here yesterday, was it? I saw that the font looked big in the reply I was giving above, but saw no way to change it...


Couldn't agree with you more Rayela,

I too have spent money and invested a lot of time into the Mingle theme and do not intend on going back to scratch again. Simply switching over to a non buddypress theme just because you can now simply isn't something I wish to consider at this point.

Thanks for the parallelus heads up :)



This is as frustrating for us as it is for you. There's much more we'd like to do with BuddyPress Media. @rayela Completely agree with you. Media should be a part of the core, ideally. For reasons unknown, we hardly live in an ideal world.

The deal here is that a lot of features actually depend on minimal breakage and intervention from the theme. Most themes play very well with BuddyPress Media, but some don't. It is impossible for us to account for all the themes and the way they work. We do account for major plugins though.

We have been plagued with such theme issues from the very beginning. We've waited for updates in BuddyPress theming. It did solve a lot of problems, but not all.

This is the reason why we had to add a checkbox in settings. We cannot prevent the conflicts, but we can disable the functionality that breaks. That's a sad state of things.

Now, we are looking at alternative ways of templating but even that won't solve these woes, since the theme's javascript and css will always interfere.

The only way out is if the theme developers take BuddyPress Media into account when creating themes, but probably that's too much to ask for!



@r_ellis Almost all the answers we write here are meant for all the visitors. Nothing personal. If it was offensive, I apologise.

We host a large size demo (using Twenty Twelve) and everything works smoothly. While developing we test with the bundled BuddyPress theme and everything works smoothly.

99.99% of times, when such problems occur, it is a theme issue and disappears when a standard theme is activated.

This is a regular occurrence on all our support forums and contact points.

So, unless a user specifically says otherwise, I feel it is not entirely wrong for us to assume that the user hasn't tested with the default themes.

We need to make such assumptions at times! As for the money part, no, I didn't mean that. All I meant was because of the said priorities, there are other things that take up our attention. So, yes support is at times delayed.

Finally, I know, the accountability and responsibility of the developers doesn't decrease with free software. However, there are a lot of things that need work upon in the open source community. So, there can't be an equivalent support system as from a premium provider or, unless other users take up some queries themselves.


Hey all,

I fixed the problem in my way. Just changing a file.

Here how it is:

1- Go to the salutation/activity folder.

2- Replace the entry.php file with the new one. (The new file is here: )

That's it. Best wishes.

  • I changed the style a little bit. The style of the new comments and post are going to be similar to the older.