Activity Feed delete activity feed item also deletes the actual image in album

weird issue- on a recent FB album import (which unlike the normal RT media creates ONE activity post with say 2 or 6 photos (depends what u set in admin), fb album import creates an avtivity entry for EVERY photo (that is no good)… so users then try to delete the activity entry and finds that the ACTUAL image is also deleted fromn the album in RT media… surely that cannot be the correct way.

You should be able to delete an activity item and KEEp the image in the album

Hey @gregmc,

We understand your concern and will make it a single activity post for all imports instead of individual activity ones. But we are not making any change to the delete operation right now, that is on deletion of activity post, media will also be deleted from the media gallery. This is what the action flow we have thought of.

Thank you!

fair enough thank you… maybe allow in admin an option for this - it is very confusing to users (eg most users expect it I guess to work similar to FB, so when they delete activity item, the image is not deleted from album

Okay @gregmc,

Thank you for your thoughts on this, I will discuss the same with team and we will look into this.

Hi @gregmc,

We have released new version of rtMedia Social Sync v1.3 in which it will now only create single activity for all the imports. Please update and let us know if you face any issue.



I too am very concerned about images being deleted from albums when posts are deleted from activity.

One of my users recently bulk uploaded 84 very important images to the website, which is under one single activity post. If this activity post is deleted then all 84 images will be deleted.

This is so much of a concern to me that I have temporarily hidden the delete button from all activity until a fix is found. It is simply too much of a risk to have a single delete button right next to 84 very important images.

Is there a way to prevent images from being deleted when posts are deleted from activity? Please tell me there is.


Hello @Simon_Matthews,

This is the expected behaviour of our plugin. We have followed BuddyPress. For example, if you post the update from BuddyPress group activity then the activity will be generated on your profile. Once you delete either of the activity ( profile / group ) the other once gets deleted.

Same as when a user deletes the media, activity for that should be deleted and vice-versa.

I will discuss with the team if we can add any alternative way to this, for instance, may be an option to hide a particular activity so that media uploaded with that activity not get deleted. We are not sure regarding this at this moment.

Thank you.

Hello @pranalipatel,

I agree that when a user deletes media the activity should be deleted but I don’t agree that this should work the other way around. Deleting an activity post should only delete the activity and not the media itself. I really hope this doesn’t offend you as you work so hard to produce this great plugin but this really should be re-thought as most people would never think that deleting an activity post would delete the media.

Thanks so much though for taking the time to produce this great plugin and I will definitely continue to use it, it has really made my website a lot, lot better!