activeCollab Gitolite Problems

My business is evaluating software such as your activeCollab Gitolite to integrate source control with our activeCollab integration, and we could not test your demo as it sat at a loading screen for a bit after we clicked create repo after entering in the information, then followed by a "504 Gateway Time-out nginx/1.4.1" error. And it appearing to not create the repo.

Upon refresh, it seems that there was a repo created, but the error would not be suitable for our production environment. Do you have any indication as to why the demo is not working correctly?

If this issue is not resolved, does anyone know of an alternative setup to simplify the administration of git repos?


Please check now.

What you saw was a gateway timeout error. We run all our demo sites in a single virtual machine

After a lot of debugging it turned out to be Disk I/O bottleneck from KVM. It took time to fix it but you should be able to have a smooth demo ride by now. :-)

In case, you feel any issues, just reply here.

Off-topic - KVM optimisation notes are posted here -

Awesome! Thanks! Question though, do we have to have a different server to run git on? Would it be better to separate it out?

Lastly, the url that is provided in the interface, is this activeCollab managing the url or is it the actual url to the location of the git repo.


You can use gitolite (i.e. git-server) on same machine or a remote machine. AC-Gitolite Module supports both type of locations.

We have our gitolite setup on same server (on which activeCollab is installed). If using same server, module do not create local copies of git repo if it can read directly from gitolite.

In short, if you do not have an existing gitolite server, it will be best to use setup-script that comes bundled with module. It will install gitolite locally and configure it correctly.

About second question - I guess you are talking about git urls which you see in activeCollab. They are real git urls and works with all git commands. AC Module generates them based on settings (which we enter at the time of installation).

Please let me know if I missed any point.