Active links in BP Media


A good idea for a new update would be the ability to add active links in the description of the album as both files. Also being able to add tags. It is a simple improvement that would make the tool more practical.



Tagging users is planned as a premium addon, due for release sometime, next week. However, if you are talking about tagging media with keywords, that'll take longer.

Adding active links to descriptions is a good idea. We'll definitely add it in an upcoming version. Could you add this here:



Yes i talking about tagging media with keywords i not interesting in tag faces i hate it :p I can wait. ACtive links is a great idea for me. Of course i add your link to github in some place. Where you like?¿ Can choose or better for you in Vitacoras because is a site about Wordpress. Like backlink is more interesting i believe :)

There is one more thing is that I do not like to see the files with the Lightbox I prefer to see on the page embedded, but also can not navigate forward and backward the pictures only with the Lighbox. Some links would be nice up / down over the media files.



The lightbox is quite rudimentary, I agree. The navigation should be there, without the lightbox. This will take another revision for BuddyPress Media, that we've started now. We'll update you soon about this.



This plugin just needs some minor tweaks to be the best in its class.