Accessing phpmyadmin


Hi there,

Have installed phpmyadmin successfully – when trying to access I am used for a username/password. Have tried all passowrd that was set during installation including the default combination as suggested here: but still no luck.

I am repeatedly asked for a password no matter what password is entered – finally after giving up a 401 error…

Could someone possibly assist?

Kind regards franwess


Did you get to the phpMyAdmin login or are you stuck at this screen:

Also, is WordPress already installed and working?


@bamajr: Yes, stuck on that screen and WordPress is already running on the site.

Thank you! franwess


@harshadyeola: Would it be possible for you to assist with this issue?

Kind regards franwess


The “Name” and “Password” being asked for in this HTTP Auth Dialogue, is the one provided when you originally ran:

ee stack install

…with --all, --web, --admin, --utils (or possibly some others). You may have noticed the lines that said:

HTTP Auth User Name: easyengine HTTP Auth Password: ???

…as shown below:

If you don’t remember what the User Name and/or Password are, you can simply run:

ee secure --auth

…and set a new User Name and Password.


@bamajr thanks for that – worked perfectly :smile: Regards franwess


I was having the same issue, I changed username/password still getting a 404 error then I Installed admin tools and got the following output

sudo ee stack install --admin

NGINX Stable already installed
PHP already installed
MySQL connection is already alive
Downloading phpMyAdmin           [Done]
Downloading Adminer              [Done]
Downloading phpMemcachedAdmin    [Done]
Downloading clean.php            [Done]
Downloading opcache.php          [Done]
Downloading Opgui                [Done]
Downloading OCP.php              [Done]
Downloading Webgrind             [Done]
Downloading pt-query-advisor     [Done]
Downloading Anemometer           [Done]
Successfully installed packages

Now i can log into phpmyadmin but get the following error:

phpMyAdmin - ErrorThe mbstring extension is missing. Please check your PHP configuration.

Thanks in advanced!


** FIXED ** I ran this code and it installed the needed mbstring i was missing.

apt-get install php5.6-mbstring php5.6-bcmath php5.6-xml