Accessing all uploaded media?

I’m currently putting together a buddypress site for musicians and using the rtmedia free pluggin to allow mp3 uploads. What I would like to do is take the uploaded mp3 files and play them on a radio channel on the site. Is there somewhere that I an globally access all the mp3 files that have been uploaded along with the details of the person who uploaded them?

Hi @imarsys,

You can view all the uploaded music files using below gallery shortcode :

[rtmedia_gallery global=true media_type=music]

But, I am afraid you won’t be able to use it for radio channels. We appreciate your suggestions and will consider it for our roadmap.

Moreover, there is already a member-wise Podcasting feature in rtMedia-PRO.

OK, but using the pro podcasting feature, is there access to a global rss feed that picks up all the mp3’s from all members, in a similar way in which the rtmedia_gallery returns all media ?

@imarsys you can only use Podcast feature for member’s media page, it can be anything but player you use only renders audio and video.

rtmedia_ gallery only returns all the media that are uploaded, but sorry to say we don’t have Podcast support for shortcodes. We might add the this feature in our further development.