Access website via IP address only?


I am trying to migrate my website from a shared host to a VPS that is running ‘ee’. I want to do this using the BackupBuddy plugin. As such i used the command ‘site create --mysql’.

Is it possible to access this folder via

I haven’t changed the name servers to point to my VPS on my shared account, as i want to do a seemless tranfer without any downtime


Hello r1ckd33zy,

I'm assuming you want to migrate the WordPress site,

First, the way you created a site with --mysql flag is a wrong choice, as --mysql flag don't add Wordpress security rules in nginx Config file.

The better way to migrate a site using easyengine is, Create a fresh Wordpress site on new server by using following command

ee site create --wp

Once the site is created you need to import mysql dump and replace the Wodpress files with your shared hosting servers.

Once everything is setup you need to add following lines in your /etc/hosts file to test the newly created site.

vim /etc/hosts

By using /etc/hosts file you can test the site before point your DNS, Once everything looks fine point your DNS to the new server ip address

Migrating a site to a EE server

The Nginx security config you are speaking of, is it the special instruction at /etc/nginx/sites-available/

What i did was to create an example WordPress site using 'ee site create --wpfc' then copy the contents of /etc/nginx/sites-available/ to /etc/nginx/sites-available/ and ajusted the server name and root paths

Would that work?


Hello r1ckd33zy,

Yes that works, just cross check the following 2-lines is present on your /etc/nginx/sites-available/ file

include /etc/nginx/common/wpcommon.conf; include /etc/nginx/common/locations.conf;

Also cross check the Nginx Fastcgi cache works by using following command curl -I | grep rt-Fastcgi-Cache

Sample Output: rt-Fastcgi-Cache: HIT


Similar case.
I have multiple websites created with ee (via ee site create --wp).
They’re doing fine, mapped with correct domain.

Then, for different purpose ( a test wordpress for me, an other one for a friend), I want to create websites , one with no domain, one with a domain that will come later.

There must be another way to access them than changing the host.
Maybe the listen command for something like: ip/port ?

Any solution is welcome.

Thanks in advance


Zebibi The best way to create the sites would be using subdomains.

  1. run ee site create --wp (notice the demo subdomain) Replace the demo with whatever you like.
  2. Open /etc/nginx/sites-available/ nano /etc/nginx/sites-available/ and remove the entry on line#4 and leave the only server_name;
  3. Test & relode nginx nginx -t && service nginx reload
  4. Use a spare or buy a cheap .me or other cheap domain for a few bucks and create 2 A Records pointing to your VPS ip like this *
  5. by using the * in the A Record you are able to create as many subdomain sites as you like and access them across the web
  6. Optional* you may want to block access using nginx rules simalar to htaccess on apache

This will let you create as many dev sites as you like or as your server will run (RAM). I also recommend a separate $5 or $10 digital ocean server as a dev server but you may not need that for just a few sites. I bet the 2 sites will turn into 10 anyways. After your done and ready to migrate to the real domain just use one of these methods.

Migrate DB - or his pro version and copy and replace the wp-content folder over to the new site created by ee or you can use backupbuddy too.


Thanks Aron, I will try.

Still, isn’t there anyway other that host to access my websites not using domain but a combination of ip and something?

Also, when I type my IP, i’m redirected to my first (alphabetically) website. How can I change this behavior?

Thanks and regards


This is crazy, why can’t I access a site via IP address? So I HAVE TO point a domain to a site? That’s utterly dumb. I love how nice easy engine is. But what’s with this odd limitation? I wanted to use WP-Clone to copy over an existing to a couple of new potential hosts that I’m evaluating. It couldn’t event get into wordpress…

Rather than complain, I guess I should contribute to the project, however, if this is more of a noob issue, please let me know so I don’t end up reinventing the wheel.



The advice you gave is awesome! How would you tackle testing SSL on a new server?

Let’s say your new server is and you have a new SSL certificate for that sub-domain (not a wildcard SSL cert). And then when your server is ready, how do you keep running with the SSL after removing the old server?

I posted this thread before noticing your answer, which has more details -


Hello @r1ckd33zy

I hope your query is resolved.

I am closing this support ticket now. Feel free to create a new support ticket if you have any queries.