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If the site is active, I have to uninstall the plugins because the RTMedia plugin does NOT work with the Throne - Intranet or Community. I have uploaded the site and the theme at least 20 times until I understand this situation until now. When I make all the settings, the RTMedia plugin locks the site and the server writes the error. I installed rtmedia plugin which is the last one that I installed on the site again. I rtmedia published yesterday evening update and I updated it. I rtmedia updated it with ftp. Now rtmedia does not appear on the site screen.

debuginfo (2).txt (5.2 KB)

Hello @Mazhar_Arslanoglu,

Could you please confirm if the rtMedia plugin is working fine with any default theme of WordPress when other plugins are deactivated?

Regarding the new update, please try again updating now. There was some network issue on wordpress.org on the day of release hence there was a little delay.

It should get installed properly now. Download link - https://wordpress.org/plugins/buddypress-media/

Thanks, Pranali

Buddypress 3.0 is available. Seems rt Media isnt compatible with the New Version?